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Why Choose Dental Implants Princeton, NJ
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Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. However, they are not invincible. Whether you’ve lost a tooth due to severe decay, a traumatic mouth injury or gum disease, it needs to be replaced. A single missing tooth can cause significant consequences to your smile appearance and smile health, even if the missing tooth is in the back of your mouth.

When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth will begin to migrate towards the open space. This can disrupt your bite alignment and create a crooked smile that is more difficult to keep clean. In addition, patients with missing teeth can experience bone loss. Your jawbone relies on proper stimulation from your tooth roots in order to retain its volume and structure. This is why there is one tooth replacement solution that is far superior to the rest: dental implants.

Dental implants represent the gold standard in tooth replacement. They provide an artificial tooth and tooth root. Dental implants involve the surgical placement of a titanium post that fuses to the jawbone, this acts as a tooth root. A crown, bridge or denture is then secured on top to deliver a natural-looking and highly secure tooth replacement.

Many patients debate the decision of choosing traditional dentures versus dental implants or implant-supported dentures. Here are a few key reasons to opt for dental implants:

Convenience: Dental implants can be cared for just like your natural teeth. There is no need for messy adhesive creams or special cleaning regimes. This is a highlighted advantage for most patients.

Dietary Freedom: If you have traditional dentures, you may fear that they will slip or fall out of place while eating certain foods. This causes many patients to avoid fibrous fruits and vegetables and gravitate towards a soft, carbohydrate-rich diet instead. In the long-term, this can cause serious health implications, putting you at risk for obesity and diabetes. With dental implants, you can enjoy all of the foods you would if you had a full set of natural teeth – including hard to chew, nutritious choices.

Authentic: Dental implants look, feel and function most like natural teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, may look natural, but many patients don’t achieve the level of confidence in them like they do dental implants. In addition, premature facial aging can be avoided, which is caused by a loss of jawbone structure.

To learn if dental implants are right for you, call Prime Dental Care. As a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Ma is highly qualified to provide complete dental implant placement and restoration services. She received one year of post-graduate training in comprehensive implant placement and restoration from UMDNJ implant department, and is experienced in single and multiple implant placement, computer-guided implant placement, immediate one-day tooth replacement, full mouth implant rehabilitation and implant supported dentures.

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Ms P.

My husband has been going to Dr Ma and this practice for many years and swears by them so I thought I would try it out. Very pleasant and professional with a great location and good availability, they respond to queries in a timely way and provide reminders for appointments via text which is great since some practices appear to be in the dark ages on some of the practical stuff. Everyone seems to try to ensure you have a pleasant visit (in spite of being to the dentist!) so kudos to the whole operation. Also, a lot of care has been taken to go above and beyond the requirements of hygiene during this pandemic including state-of-the-art air filtration systems.

Jay J.

Starting from reception to the assistant to the doctors they are so amazing. I have major dental anxiety and they were above and beyond sweet and nice to me. I have come back after a root canal and I can go for a run I feel that good and comfortable with them. They rock! They are awesome- I highly recommend this place

Xiao L.

I’m experiencing a very painful toothache during the COVID-19 period. Thanks for Dr. Ma’s quick response using the “teledentistry”, I got a timely and precise diagnosis without having to step out of my house. I really appreciated their help at this moment!

Zoe F.

I have been here multiple times with Maggie and Dr.Patel. Both of them are amazing and make you feel very comfortable the whole time!

Riya P.

Everyone here is very friendly and is willing to help you. It is a very good experience here! Highly recommend coming here!

Sandy W.

Everyone there is friendly and professional. They have taken great care of me every time I’ve visited.

Elliot V.

Prime Dental care has a great friendly staff. I had a wonderful experience with my hygienist Kate, she was very thorough, professional, and kind! Dr. Ma was informative and did a wonderful job of explaining everything. Would highly recommend Prime Dental Care!

Cody M.

Dr. Ma and her staff are very friendly and super thorough. They take the time to explain every part of the care and are invested in my overall dental health. I would recommend them to everyone!

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