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What to Expect From Implant Dentistry

Placement of dental implants and replacement teeth involves surgical procedures performed in several stages. To some, this might sound intimidating. However, the end result more than makes up for the time and expense involved. However, it is important that you know what to expect before undergoing this procedure.

During the first stage of the dental implants procedure, prosthetic screws are placed in the jawbone to take the place of missing tooth roots. This surgical procedure is often performed in a dental office using local anesthesia. After the implants have been surgically placed into the jawbone, a period of healing begins. The healing stage typically lasts several months. During this time, the screws are fused with the jawbone in a process referred to as osseointegration. Please discuss a temporary prosthesis to be worn during the healing time with your dental implants dentist before you undergo dental implant surgery.

Once osseointegration has occurred and the screws are anchored securely to the jawbone, the restoration stage can begin. This involves attaching a crown, bridge or partial denture to the dental implants to take the place of missing teeth.

After surgery, you may experience some typical discomforts associated with oral surgery including the following:

• Minor bleeding
• Pain at the implant site
• Swelling of your gums and face, and
• Bruising of your skin and gums.

If these problems worsen in the days after surgery, it is important to notify your dental implants dentist immediately so he or she can prescribe antibiotics or pain medications, if necessary. After each stage of surgery, you may need to eat soft foods for five to seven days.

To get more information about what to expect from dental implant surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ma of Prime Dental Care. Dr. Ma has extensive experience in placing dental implants and uses this advanced dental procedure to restore the form and function of patients' smiles. Contact Prime Dental Care today. We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful, confident, long-lasting smile!