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Commonly Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?
Absolutely! Our dental office is prepared to always accept new patients, even on the same day of your call if you have an emergency. Every new patient get specials including your kids. We provide free whitening for every new adult patient, and free electronic toothbrush for every new kid patient younger than 12 year old.

Do you take my insurance?
YES! Not only are we an insurance provider for most dental insurances, but we also have
insurance specialists ready to help you understand and maximize your insurance benefits
based on your health needs! We collect your insurance information, outline your insurance
coverage based on your treatment needs and we handle all the filing. You don’t need to fill out any insurance paperwork! We also offer a Quick & Easy insurance verification CLICK HERE for Insurance Verification.

I don’t have insurance. Can I afford to have my teeth fixed?
Certainly. Everybody deserves to have a healthy and confident smile. Insurance only helps
a little bit since all the insurance has an annual maximum. Your dental treatment, at most
times, cannot be phased out in multiple years. Your dental health maintenance sometimes
requires more recall visits than the insurance policy would allow. Most insurances do not pay for
cosmetic or implant procedures anyway.

The good news is we have very competitive fees for patients who do not have dental insurances
or patients who have their insurance benefits maxed out. We also have in house finance which
would allow you to spread the payment in 4 month without interest charge. On top of it, we also
work with comprehensive dental finance and care credit to offer extended payment options up
to 60 months if our patients need it. Your beautiful smile could cost as much as your utility bill
every month! Give us a call today. Let us make your dream come true.

How does the “Whitening for Life” program work?
Whitening for Life is one of the best programs we offer, all of our patients absolutely love it!
Here is how it works: With your initial exam, x-rays, and a cleaning we will give you a FREE
whitening tray. Our whitening trays are self formed which means they require no impressions,
they are also customized to your bite to reduce sensitivity on the gums and for faster results.
Besides the whitening tray, we will give you FREE whitening gel to go with your regular
cleanings. We will continue to supply you with free whitening gel for LIFE as long as you stay
consistent with your prescribed cleaning schedule!

To make the results even better, with one time office whitening paid, you get the ultimate
whitening kit which includes a slimmer whitening tray custom made for you, a whitening pen
which you can use to touch up everyday after coffee or tea as well as a NEW tray every year and
whitening gel for every recall visit. You will never need to pay for whitening again or worry about
staining coming back. The whiter, long lasting smile is yours free for life.

Can I fill out my forms ahead of time?
Definitely! Time is valuable for everybody nowadays. We encourage all of our patients to save
some time. CLICK HERE to submit your forms online. You do not need to print anything. We
gather your information ahead of time, saving you time on your appointment.
patient form session is coming soon

What are my payment options?
Pay in full would always be the cheapest option.
In House Financing We are one of the only dental offices in town that offers In-House
financing! There is no need for credit check and it is interest free. We take the total amount of
your treatment, and divide it out in 4 months, your first payment (25%) is due to book your
appointment, and you will pay the remainder in the 3 months that follows your procedure.
Extended 3rd party Financing We also offer 3rd party financing for extended period of
time (long than 4 months up to 60 months) through: CareCredit and Comprehensive dental
financing. Our financial manager will work with you face to face in your dental visit for your
application. You are usually notified right away about the amount your are qualified.

How quickly can I get in for an appointment?
We do our best to engineer our schedule to always be able to fit in a new patient with 1 – 7 days
of when you call us. We offer extremely flexible hours being opened from 7 AM – 7 PM, so we
will DEFINITELY find a convenient time for you! For emergencies, we try every effort to see you
right away on the same day to help you relieve your pain. Call us now to get in ASAP!

How long does a 1st appointment take?
A first appointment usually consists of a full mouth X-Ray, a full exam, as well as a cleaning.
For patients who are interested in cosmetic procedures, we will try to incorporate the picture
shooting in the first visit as well. We are able to get all of your check up done in one hour.
During that time, you are our only attention as we provide a very personable and patient focused
experience, we treat you like we would treat a family member!

What is a landmark around you that will help me find your office?
We are conveniently located at 417 wall st, princeton, nj in the store front portion of
Montgomery research park. We are directly across the Princeton Airport, next to Princeton
north shopping center, montgomery shopping center and shopper village.

What is the parking situation?
Parking for our patients is as stress free as it could be! We have ample parking space right in
front of our office.

How much will X cost?
No matter what the procedure is, it is extremely hard to provide price estimates without having
the Doctor see you and make a diagnosis first. For example, if you are interested in 6 month
smiles, you want to find out how much it would cost. We have to see you first, check whether
there are active diseases like caries or periodontal disease or even bone infection you are not
aware of. Active diseases should always be taken care of before cosmetic treatment. The total
cost always depends on your specific situation. Our policy is to never discuss pricing before
seeing the doctor. Plus, you will get your new patient gift and enjoy your visit with us in the spa
like environment with all the amenities we provided in the office.