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Cavity Free Club for Kids

For all new adult patients, we offer free whitening. Would you worry about your kids being jealous? Please don’t. We have specials for kids as well.

For every new kid patient who is younger than 12, we would give out a free cute electronic toothbrush. As long as your kids follow the recommended recall schedule, they could receive a new free electronic toothbrush every year! You would never need to worry about your kids not brushing effectively and you don’t need to pay for the brush any more!

What is even better? Our office philosophy values more on prevention than invasive treatment. We aim to help our adorable kids to achieve a cavity free status by offering top of the line risk assessment and management programs. If your kids remain cavity free following the prevention protocol, they are qualified to receive a special surprise gift for every recall visit. It could be a barbie doll, a dinosaur or what your kids wished for in the previous visit. Call us and get your kids’ fantasy dental visit started!